“Understanding Wetlands: A Key Issue in the Transition to a Sustainable Economy”

19 - 21 June, 2014 – Palma (Mallorca), Spain

Deadline for registration: April 30th, 2014

Keynote speakers

Dr. Jos T.A. Verhoeven, Utrecht University (The Netherlands) - Presentation Dr. Verhoeven
Dr. Edward B. Barbier, University of Wyoming (USA) - Presentation Dr. Barbier
Dr. Nick Hanley, University of Stirling (UK) - Presentation Dr. Hanley



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The UNESCO/SA NOSTRA Chair in Business and Environmental Management, hosted by the University of the Balearic Islands, is pleased to announce the first edition of the International Symposium on Natural Resource Management on “Understanding Wetlands: A Key Issue in the Transition to a Sustainable Economy”. The Symposium will take place from June 19th to June 21st, 2014 at the Centre de Cultura “SA NOSTRA”, in Palma (Mallorca), Spain.

2014 is the FAO International Year of Family Farming. Given wetlands are intimately linked to agriculture –which has led the Ramsar Convention to choose Wetlands and Agriculture: Partners for Growth as the World Wetlands Day theme for 2014–, the UNESCO/SA NOSTRA Chair organizes a symposium on wetlands aimed at disseminating knowledge about the value of these ecosystems, rich in biodiversity but especially vulnerable to anthropogenic impacts, in an attempt to contribute to their preservation. For this reason, the symposium wants to be a meeting point between researchers from different fields focusing on the study of wetlands –from postgraduate and PhD students to renowned scientists– and wetlands’ managers, thus bridging the gap between academic researchers and managers.

In particular, the symposium aims to bring together renowned researchers from different academic fields within natural and social sciences to provide a snapshot of the state-of-the-art research on wetlands, share experiences and identify threats and challenges that should be tackled by further research. Additionally, it wants to serve as a platform for research dissemination among the relevant stakeholders involved in wetlands management, thus fulfilling the UNESCO Chair mission of building bridges between academia, civil society, local communities and policy-makers.

Target Audience

Academic researchers and practitioners focusing their work on wetlands.


The symposium conferences and activities will be divided into three blocks according to the table below. The first two blocks will be devoted to present the state-of-the-art research on wetlands within the framework of natural and social sciences. The third block will evolve around different tools and approaches to wetland management. The activities carried out within each block will consist of a keynote speech by a renowned expert on wetlands worldwide, one wetland case study presentation at local/regional level, and one exchange ideas session aimed at favoring discussion among participants. These latter are devoted to provide young researchers with an appropriate space to exchange ideas with the renowned experts worldwide.

On Saturday the 21st, the participants will have the possibility to visit S'Albufera Natural Park, the largest wetland in the Balearic Islands and one of the most important wetlands in Europe and, consequently, in the western Mediterranean region.

  Thursday 19th Friday 20th Saturday 21st
Morning - Block 2
"Understanding wetlands from social sciences"
Optional visit to s'Albufera
Afternoon Block 1
"Understanding wetlands from natural sciences"
Block 3
"Understanding new ways for wetland management"


Registration is free. Participants are invited to take part in all or some of the ideas exchange sessions. In this sense, they will have to specify in the application form which session/s they are interested in and if they want to attend these sessions as listeners or discussants. In this latter case, at the beginning of May 2014, they will be required to send a title and a brief summary of the work they would like to discuss with other participants and the keynote speakers. They will also be informed about the details of their presentations (e.g. length of the presentation, etc.).

The closing date for registration is April 30th, 2014.

For any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact the Symposium Secretariat.









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